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Managed Hosting: Multi Server BASIC

199,00  Net price excl. VAT*

* VAT is not charged to EU customers with a valid EU VAT ID. German customers are charged 19% VAT. See our Terms and Conditions for more information. * Monthly hosting price, excl. AWS fees. * Plus Setup Fee: 199,00 € (excl. VAT)


High performance AWS managed hosting – Multi Server BASIC (paid monthly, plus one-time setup fee). The Multi Server Environments are perfectly tailored for applications with a huge workload that have to serve several thousand customers per second. They guarantee fast loading times during peak loads and under heavy loads (50,000 simultaneous visitors and more are no problem). You can have multiple instances of web, caching and database servers in operation, allowing you to handle even the highest load. With AWS Auto Scaling, these instances can be automatically started or stopped as needed, so that your online shop always performs fast, regardless of the high load.

Product Highlights

  • 1 Web Server (NGINX with HTTP/2 and PHP7 with OPcache)
  • 1 Database Server
  • 1 ElastiCache Server
  • CloudFront CDN

Managed Hosting SLA (Service Level Agreement)

You can rely on our support and support throughout the year. We do everything we can to ensure that all functionality runs like a clockwork in the background. The service details can be found in the following SLA overview:

  • 24 / 7 / 365 Emergency Support
  • Ongoing Server Monitoring
  • Ongoing Server Maintenance
  • OS Level Patches and Updates
  • Server Security Checks
  • Server Security Updates
  • Network Security Checks
  • 99.95% Network Uptime
  • Managed AWS Firewall
  • DDoS Mitigation (AWS Shield)
  • Regular Managed Backups
  • Customer Service max. Response Time: < 24h
  • Emergency Service max. Response Time: < 12h
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